New student onboarding system!

This is one of the MOST important steps because it's your opportunity to create an amazing first impression on your new members!

So what is your VERY FIRST STEP?

The key is to put yourself in your new student’s shoes…. and remember how YOU felt when you were just starting out.

You felt excited … nervous … maybe even a little scared, ... And you probably had a LOT of questions.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen + start your


“Onboarding Brain Dump.”

If YOU were a new student just starting out in your program...

What fears, concerns, and questions did you have?

What did you want to learn about?

What kind of accountability did you need?

What kind of support did you need?

What kind of mindset did you need to develop?

What are the exact things that needed to happen to get your incredible results?

What seriously WOWed you and knocked your socks off!?

What made you FEEL like that place is "home"?

Start Writing Some things down!

there's NOTHING more important than taking care of your students!

Step #2: Create Your New student Onboarding BLUEPRINT!

What EXACTLY can you do to get the results you're looking for and make their experience come to life?

Do you need a “welcome” series of emails or messages?

How often will you call to check in? Text? PM?

How about personalized “welcome” videos from the owner (if you're not the one signing them up)?

Would they benefit from a new student handbook or manual?

Do they need a video series to educate them about anything important?

What about an orientation?

New student Welcome Package and Swag?

Do you need a private Facebook group just for students and parents?

Make sure whatever you write down is addressing a specific NEED that you mentioned in your brain dump.




TAKE A BREAK! Come back in a few hours or even better, the next day!

Let's narrow it down.

Which ideas make the most sense for your business and budget?

Which SPECIFIC ideas will create the most impact and biggest difference?

Which ideas will help you create the most leverage?

Which ideas can you automate and delegate?

Which ideas are the most PRACTICAL?

don't let this process overwhelm you...Have fun with it!!


Add them to email list and “welcome series” of autoresponders? (Day 1)

Record their birthday and signup anniversary date? (Day 1)

Send New student Welcome Package (Day 1)

Check-In Call/Email (Day 2)

include everything you mapped out in your new student journey


Pretend you’re teaching an 8-year old how to do it.


MAKE IT SUPER SIMPLE for this 8-year old to follow the steps. Use videos, screenshots, links, and anything you need to include for them to be able to follow your process.

This is the stuff MOST business owners don’t take the time to create….

and the same reason why a lot of them struggle!...

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